Thursday, 6 June 2013

Surrender to the Facebook (Plus a Giveaway)

Some of my lovely blog readers already know that I have a Facebook page which supports this blog, but I just wanted to flag it up again to those who are Facebook'd but may not know about the page. Any "likes" are much appreciated. (And if you want to tell your friends how wonderful The Stone and the Star is, whether in blog form or Facebook form or all forms, that's fine too.)

I use the Facebook page not only to post links to blog entries, but also bits of poetry news, quotations or links to poems which have caught my fancy, occasional photos of poetry-related landmarks I see while wandering about...

Once in a while (ie. about twice a year) I do something like give away a book on the Facebook page. I'm planning to do that later today - probably late evening UK time - so this might be a good time to navigate over there.

Some day I may be on Twitter, but for now I just think of how much time I already spend on Facebook, and it makes me think again...

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