Tuesday, 13 October 2015

New Poem Published for National Poetry Day (Week)

Nikola Tesla in Colorado Springs, 1899. Photograph by Dickenson V. Alley. Public domain

I was in Canada on 8 October - National Poetry Day in the UK - and with the time difference I slept through most of the happy occasion. However, on 11 October Ink Sweat and Tears published my poem 'Thinking of Tesla on the District Line',  as part of their program of poems for the week following National Poetry Day.

This year's theme for National Poetry Day was Light. I wrote the poem some time ago as a little tribute to Nikola Tesla, a favourite scientist, and it seemed to fit the theme well so I sent it off to Ink Sweat & Tears. I don't usually have favourite scientists, and it is fair to say that rather than really being a poem about science, this is a Famous Dead Guy Crush poem. Tesla was a remarkable man. The glimpse of lights from the District line is real, by the way. I think you will find it around Gloucester Road, though I can never remember exactly.

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