Sunday, 13 December 2015

New Poems Published and 2015 Readings

Norwich, November 2015. Photo by Clarissa Aykroyd

I recently had a couple of new poems published. One of these, 'Beekeeper', appears in the Mexico City-based The Ofi Press and you can read it here:

The other poem, 'Seventeen Steps', appears in Issue 10 of Lighthouse, a journal focusing on new writing by up-and-coming writers - and ah, the rarer delight of being published in print! You can purchase a copy of this issue here:

Both of these recent publications have been poems about (or inspired by) Sherlock Holmes. If this is starting to look like a theme, that's because it is a theme. Watch this space.

Another recently lovely thing was appearing on the list of the Best UK Poetry Blogs of 2015 at Matthew Stewart's highly regarded poetry blog Rogue Strands. You can find me in very good company here, with many other blogs that I would recommend:

Finally, here's a list of the poetry readings I gave/took part in this year. I have a couple at least coming up in 2016, which I think will be another good poetry year.

  • June - London: reading at Red Cross Garden as a poet-in-residence for the London Open Garden Squares Weekend
  • July - Cambridge: reading at The Missing Slate anthology launch event, at the Judith E Wilson Studio
  • September - London: reading at Red Cross Garden for their annual Flower & Vegetable Show
  • October - London: reading with The Quiet Compere at the Hackney Attic
  • November - Norwich: reading at the Lighthouse launch event at the Bicycle Shop

I hope that all poets, audiences and readers had as wonderful a year as possible. 


  1. Thanks for your lovely remark about Rogue Strands, Clarissa, and congratulations on an excellent year.